Source. Screen. Hire. Retain... Feedback?

Same old story, with a new twist.

The war for talent is more intense than ever before. There are a number of related factors that are coming together in a ‘perfect storm’ to create challenges for finding great people, not the least of which are rapid economic development and dramatic demographic shifts. Finding and buidling the best teams continues to be a major concern for leadership – Managers, Directors, VPs, C-Level – who are lying awake at night worrying about how their organizations will attract and retain the best people.

The same old hiring tricks don't work. Sourcing channels have changed. Employers' reputations are part of a steady, open dialogue that can influence hiring effectiveness. Candidates' opinions matter.

These challenges are not new

They’ve been part of the dialogue for years. The difference is that the vehicles for sourcing new, talented people have changed dramatically - print ads or job board postings simply don’t get the desired results any longer.

These challenges are compounded by the fact that social media has swiftly introduced a new dimension to the recruitment and engagement puzzle: as an employer, you need to have a presence on these communication platforms to develop your reputation, source new talent and promote your great people practices.

But since anyone can comment and provide feedback, a smart and diligent communications approach is not just an option - its an essential part of your talent strategies.

Why so worried? 

It starts with a shared understanding – no big secrets here – that having great people at all levels is the key to success. However, finding and engaging them are some of the most significant challenges organizations face today.

With this in mind, employers are being forced to take a good, hard look to figure out the best possible ways in which to engage with their existing people, while also optimizing their ability to find and recruit the talent they need to sustain operations, service, and growth. To compete effectively, these organizations must fine tune their talent acquisition strategies at all levels – entry level, campus and experienced hires – to ensure they are able to attract top candidates as the economy grows and, as a result, qualified, available candidates will be in short supply.

What does Nuuvo-B2E offer?

Nuuvo-B2E works with our clients to position them to achieve immediate and lasting sucess in their talent strategies.

The following are just a few of the many areas where Nuuvo-B2E can make a difference and help you attract and keep great people:

A to Z Talent Acquisition Campaigns

We will plan and execute complete recruitment campaigns, including sourcing, screening, selection and coordination – from single strategic, executive or managerial roles to multiple hires and levels.

Employee Value Proposition - Research & Development

Providing a range of research capabilities to develop your Employment Value Propositions and message architecture

Get the Word Out

Media  and other outreach strategies to distribute your brand, develop targeted candidate pools, as well as build your employer image and reputation.

Engagement Approaches

Keeping people engaged with your organization by identifying and fixing any friction in your talent acquisition processes

Build Talent Communities

Creating tools, practices and processes that enable valuable and meaningful relationships

Many Other Opportunities

…among many other ways for us to partner with you to provide solutions and add value to address your challenges.

Helping our clients create industry-leading talent acquisition and engagement practices is at the heart of where and how Nuuvo-B2E can help.

We partner with our clients to identify, source, select and hire great people. We create practical, real-time and authentic Employer Branding solutions based on genuine and ‘ownable’ values, NOT slogans. Telling your company’s story and being sure that it resonates with the people you seek is a great start, to be followed up with developing solid practices to maintain their interest and excitement over time.

We take the time to listen and learn, to bring forward practical solutions that deliver results.

Some "Nuu" Thoughts

What's Nuu in the name?

Nuuvo-B2E is quite simply, a "nuu" approach in Business-to-Employee communications, with an overall purpose of assisting organizations to better position themselves for hiring success. We help our clients get there with a focused range of services to meet a specific need, or extensive capabilities to explore a broad range of challenges and opportunities.

The results our clients realize are practical, real-time and authentic Employer Brands based on real values, not just slogans. They are then equipped to tell their stories in an authentic and compelling way, allowing them to build their reputation and target the right people. Our services will also enable our clients to support their brand through frictionless and enjoyable candidate experiences, inspired by the premise that candidates are consumers, and enhancing their organizational image and employer brand in our socially connected world by creating practices to develop long-term candidate relationships.

Some things we stand for:

Build Goodwill into your Recruitment Process

An approach to build goodwill can include providing follow up mechanisms to allow candidates to find out the status of their application, in stark contrast to the "woo them and forget them" practices that have become all too commonplace. Constructive and thoughtful attitudes toward candidates can also extend to employers creating communication platforms such as regular e-mail updates, newsletters and other database marketing processes, designed to maintain good relationships with the candidate community over time. This serves not only to ensure candidates' availability for consideration for future opportunities, but also to enlist them as positive brand ambassadors in our socially-connected world.

It all sounds like a good e-commerce or sales model, except without any exchange of money, product or services. Just professional interest, goodwill and a possible future together that provides mutual benefits - rewarding careers for candidates, and organizational performance for employers.

Candidates are Customers!

The current recruitment environment can best be described as the dawn of the age of Employment Consumerism. In many sectors of the economy, at the same time that candidates have a wide range of choices, many employers are hard-pressed to fill gaps in their organizational charts, as well as managing the increasing demands from their stakeholders. A high demand for qualified people, combined with a tight supply, makes it a buyer's market.

However, there's more to it than a 'knee jerk' response to shifting market conditions. Favourable economies have always created skills scarcities, with talent acquisition success accruing to those organizations able to differentiate and sell their story to the candidates they seek. This remains an imperative for any employer in the current market.

The difference is that, in today's environment, the quality, integrity and staying power of an employer's brand and reputation can be impacted by factors not directly controlled by the brand owner. The brand can be positively or adversely affected by how candidates feel they were treated in the application or selection process.

IF you know the types of people you need, BUT
finding the time or having the expertise to hire them
is keeping you awake at night…
Nuuvo B2E can help.

Hiring for You

Nuuvo-B2E provides a helping hand when its time to hire, but the existing team may be assigned to other projects,
or may not have the expertise or people in place to do it.

Our Hire4U Services provide our clients with skilled talent acquisition resources to fulfill their hiring mandates,
while reducing time to fill, and the overall effort that would otherwise be needed to invest in the hiring process.

We work hard so that you'll be pleased with our approach to your needs, excited by the results we provide,
and pleasantly surprised by the reasonable costs for our services.

Scalable Hiring

Nuuvo-B2E’s team has the expertise and scope to serve clients of all sizes, across all industries. Our full service approach offers a best-in-class recruitment program to provide the advantage to attract the people you seek to deliver your competitive edge.

Nuuvo-B2E’s approach is to only propose services that are required to  deliver the results you seek. We will never "pad" our proposals with additional services that may never be required.

We look at the entire hiring assignment, but take things one step at a time by providing a graduated scope of work that allows you to scale your costs and continue to engage us in the process based on your specific needs, the quality of the activity and how we are progressing overall. If things are going well, we move to the next level of the project; If not, you only incur costs for the work already done. This approach also allows us to fine tune and change tactics to ensure the work we’re doing is producing the desired results.

Our efforts not only ensure that both passive and active candidates learn of your opportunities, but that the infrastructure, people and processes are in place to expertly respond to and assess candidate submissions.


Covering All Hiring Requirements

We provide hiring coverage for all types of roles – Executive, Finance and Accounting, Sales, Management, Retail (including store openings), Logistics, Customer Service, Call Centre, and many other areas too numerous to include here.


We Provide A Great Candidate Experience

One of the unique aspects of a Nuuvo-B2E recruitment campaign is that EVERY candidate who applies receives a personalized communication about their submission and is kept informed about the status of their application. This “candidate experience” feature acknowledges that candidates are customers too, and this practice contributes positively to your employer brand. It ensures that there are no negative attitudes arising from an application that may not have proceeded to the next stage, building goodwill and a team of Employer Brand Ambassadors for your organization.

Lower costs than Executive or Contingency Search

Executive (retained) and contingency search firms’ fees are usually based on a percentage of the salary for the position being hired. As salaries increase for higher level roles, so do the fees. Our methodology, on the other hand, provides a flat fee structure that results in lower costs, while maintaining the highest standards of service and quality, as well as delivering on a number of added benefits that you wouldn’t receive from a search firm – whether retained or contingency.

For More Information on Nuuvo-B2E's Hire4U Services

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When hiring with your own team, Nuuvo-B2E can be counted on for

Getting you "Hire Ready"

Nuuvo-B2E offers a range of services to help you build or enhance
your internal recruitment infrastructure and capabilities,
tell and sell your story, and get you ready to hire.

Employer Branding

An effective employer brand should articulate the things that engage people and highlight what your organization offers to people that work there. It’s less about the look that you ultimately use to portray your brand, and more about the spontaneous response your audience(s) have about your organization. It’s about a compelling way to tell your story and build your reputation.

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Candidate Relationship Management

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) gets you out of the bad habit of reactively filling your candidate pool only when you’re hiring, and then letting the pool get stale after you’ve filled the vacancy. Rather, the premise of CRM is to initiate connections with people who show interest in joining your organization, and developing those relationships over time.

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The development of a robust digital recruitment strategy is more important than ever.  Your talent management efforts span across a wide range of platforms and tools, which include your employment web site, e-mail, job boards, social media platforms and online professional networks.

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