The 2014 Candidate Experience Awards – Canadian Edition

Canada is the 13th largest global economy by GDP, well-known for our stable banking system; membership in the G7; a strong voice in international affairs; and for our 1st and 3rd place finishes, respectively, in the medal count for the past 2 Winter Olympics.

With this recognition, Canadian employment practices are centre stage, and the Candidate Experience is a great example. Canadian employers continue to realize the importance of treating candidates as customers - to ensure candidates have a positive brand experience when applying, to create ambassadors, and so that candidates join their talent communities to become “raving, digitally-connected and product-loyal fans.” [Gerry Crispin, "Are Candidates Customers - or Something More?]

The Candidate Experience Awards, or CandEs, is a free, annual competition. It is much more than a competition though – it is designed to provide participating organizations with confidential and specific feedback on how they can improve their candidate experience. Taking part in the CandEs process can provide participating organizations with validated information about why the candidate experience is so important, including risks and rewards of negative, or positive candidate interactions.

The CandEs do not have a separate Canadian program, but have modified the process to include Canadian organizations, and provide the chance to be measured against other Canadian AND North American employers. This includes the availability of the employer and candidate surveys in both official languages.

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