Before you start to enjoy the tastes of a strong employer brand, you have to set the table. This means doing the necessary planning, soul searching and exploration that will contribute to your efforts.

Nuuvo-B2E Discovery Services include:

Employer Brand Audit and Scorecard

To determine the directions to get where you are going, it is necessary to figure out where you are. We start by exploring how you are currently deploying your employer brand by looking at the state of your EB infrastructure (i.e. website, collateral); assessing your messaging for credibility and authenticity; examining the activities or the way in which you are making use of your brand (i.e. social media, job postings); your current results, which may also include looking at how you are measuring these outcomes; and benchmarking the current state of your employer brand against your competition. The purpose of this exploration is to take a snapshot of all of these elements to highlight areas of strength, as well as opportunities for improvement. A detailed report will provide a roadmap for the work that will follow to get you where you need to be.

Target Audience(s)

Different types of people are right fits for different types of companies, and a key objective is to develop and maintain an employer reputation that attracts and engages the ‘right’ talent. To this end, Nuuvo-B2E will work with you to analyze critical target audience factors, both in demographic terms (age, income, education) and psychographic terms (personality, values, attitudes, interests, lifestyle).

In addition, while your business or operational plans are likely to change over the immediate, mid and long term, there are likely to be common themes in the types of positions for which you are (or will be) hiring. At a high level, this often creates broad and straightforward categories such as entry-level, campus and experienced hires, but an effective strategy will need to break it down in greater detail. These considerations will play an important part in the brand development stage, as we seek compelling and thoughtful ways to communicate with your key audience(s).

And of course, let’s not forget your existing employees, who are one of your most (if not most) important consumer groups and a vital target audience for your employer brand messaging. We will examine their characteristics using proven methodologies and determine the best ways to communicate as part of your strategy to keep them engaged, informed and inspired.

Project Planning

Once we identify areas of need, the Nuuvo-B2E team will work with you to develop a plan that prioritizes key areas and allows you to enjoy the greatest returns in as soon a timeframe as possible. The “Nuu way” is a practical, step-by-step business-oriented approach that balances ongoing business needs with the work that needs to be done, and the resources that are available.

We steer clear of trying to do too much, too soon, out of concern that an overly ambitious plan will jeopardize continued interest in these initiatives over the longer term. While we’re very focused on everything that SHOULD be done, we take a pragmatic approach of looking to what CAN be accomplished.

Research, Surveys, Focus Groups

Before putting pen to paper, it is essential to gather input to inform and contribute to the work that lies ahead. There are many approaches to research, depending on the level of need and how deep you want to go. Targeted and well-thought-out research can help to understand external perceptions about your brand, guide its ongoing development, validate assumptions and findings, test adoption and attitudes, etc.

Nuuvo-B2E will work with you to assess your business and project requirements, and will propose research approaches that address both these needs, and your budget.

We have the resources and experience to execute employee surveys and conduct focus groups with relevant participants, with the goal of uncovering the qualities, or flaws, that contribute to your reputation as an employer – powerful information that informs the development of a strong employer brand.