With a thoughtful and impactful employer brand in hand, it’s time to get it out there and start to enjoy the fruits of your efforts – a dynamic and effective talent acquisition and employee engagement program.

There are a multitude of platforms and channels with which to distribute your message, and a range of people waiting to hear about your employment value propositions.

Regardless of whether your objective is to review and enhance the way in which you have been delivering your brand promise, or if you are launching your “Nuu” brand, we’re here to work with you – and your budget – to develop targeted, measurable and memorable ways to spread the good word.

Nuuvo-B2E Execution Service includes:

Media Strategy and Buying

Put Nuuvo-B2E’s deep experience to work for you to develop a responsible and measurable media plan and budget that will drive attention to your brand and employment information - from proactive placements to build your reputation and raise awareness, to reactive buys to support hiring events, campaigns or specific vacancies.

We will research platforms appropriate for the message and purpose and provide recommendations for media buys that can include on and off- line media, individual postings or annual contracts, paid search, etc. We can also support your choices and act on your behalf to negotiate preferential rates and finalize the media buys on a one-time or ongoing basis.

Social Media Strategy, Planning and Execution

Your social media footprint is a vital and necessary asset. With so much time and attention focused on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr - and with other platforms already launched or about to be – choosing your channels, socializing your employer brand and joining the social conversation is a business imperative. Let Nuuvo-B2E’s experts help you plan and execute your social media strategy and start leveraging the immense power it can bring to your attraction efforts and reputation. It won’t be long before you are liked, followed and tweeted about.

Web Site Development

In today’s recruitment environment, your employment website should be the centre of all recruitment marketing activities – to attract potential candidates, reinforce your employment brand and provide a platform for people to apply to your organization. Therefore, it is essential that your website is aesthetically pleasing and consistent with your brand, as well as effective and functional. Any internally facing digital properties for your current employees should follow these same guidelines.

The central meeting point for your digital HR initiatives, your website is the platform that greets visitors – consisting of those who seek you out or arrive by chance, as well as those that you invite or are referred through your digital outreach activities. A well thought out site design will consider a broad range of potential visitors and will seek to deliver a great user experience – serving up relevant, insightful and useful content, with simple and intuitive navigation – with the main objective of disseminating your story and driving more targeted conversions.

Nuuvo-B2E will work with you every step of the way - from wireframe, to launch, and everything in-between - to develop a site architecture and design that will provide the user experience and results you seek. We will also provide expertise, as required, to determine the best mix of technologies to engage, measure and inform – to enable you to work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, while gaining your desired benefits.


You need a comprehensive toolkit of digital and traditional media that uses your employer brand to carry out the objectives for which it was created. From e-mail blasts and posters to promote your open house; videos and banners to announce and support your on-campus initiatives; business cards and USB keys with your slide deck...the list can be long and varied. Nuuvo-b2e’s strategists, writers, designers and production specialists will work with you to plan, create and produce the appropriate materials and visual identity for your key audiences and business purposes.